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What's New keeps you up to date with Maranee's current events and happenings. In it, you will find where Maranee will be and what shows she will be participating in as well as current projects and other miscellaneous news. Check back here often, for this section will be updated frequently. The most recent additions will be displayed in red.

Archive 2004

December, 2004  Maranee's engines get the royal treatment that finally completes their rebuild of 1998. A tent is constructed in Maranee's interior and the masks come on in order to apply a fresh coating of blue engine paint to the 64 year-old mills. In the process, the original brass engine ID plates are uncovered and shined up, revealing the original engine numbers present on Maranee's Boat Equipment Record of 1940.

October 4, 2004  Maranee gets wired - that is to say that she is in the process of a complete overhaul of her electrical system. New breaker panels, hundreds of feet of wiring and a list of more improvements is in progress. Keep an eye out here for further updates on Maranee's electrical projects.


August 4-13, 2004  Maranee gets away for a little R&R in South Puget Sound. Ports of Call include Gig Harbor, Longbranch on the Key Peninsula, Oro Bay on Anderson Island, and Jarrell Cove State Park on Hartstene Island. Click on the chart to select images from these voyages.


July 18, 2004  Maranee arrives home from the annual Chris-Craft Rendezvous in Port Orchard. Summer cruising season is in full swing and with both the Bell Street Pier Show and the Chris Craft Rendezvous behind her, Maranee can now look forward to several uninterrupted weeks of South Sound Cruising.

February 8, 2004  Maranee participates in the annual Classic Yacht Association "Commodore's Cruise" on the waters of Seattle's Lake Union. The day was blessed with warm sunshine, calm waters and the hint that spring is on its way.