What's New

What's New keeps you up to date with Maranee's current events and happenings. In it, you will find where Maranee will be and what shows she will be participating in as well as current projects and other miscellaneous news. Check back here often, for this section will be updated frequently. The most recent additions will be displayed in red.

Archive 2005

August 6-14, 2005  Maranee crosses the border to Canadian waters and visits various ports of call. Having picked up passengers in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Maranee takes them north through the Gulf Islands, a chain on the southeast end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Click on the chart to view images from these voyages.

July 15-17, 2005 Maranee again participates in the annual Chris-Craft Rendezvous in Port Orchard, Washington. Maranee has been to every one of these events since they began in 1989. Clear weather and a lot of Chris-Crafts made for a very enjoyable weekend. Expect to see Maranee at Chris-Craft Rendezvous to come!

June 27-30, 2005 Sixty-five years to the day that she was delivered in Lakeside, Ohio as Sunny Dee, Maranee spends several days out of the water for a coat of bottom paint and a fresh coat of topside paint. No surprises is always a good report when the boat comes out of the water, and this time was not unlike any other. More to come in What's New! Stay tuned!

June 17-19, 2005  Maranee joins what is reportedly the largest gathering of wooden cruisers in the world, the Bell Street Pier Classic Rendezvous on Seattle's waterfront. A record number of 46 pre-1959 wooden pleasure boats were part of the waterfront "Classic Weekend" festival and what has become traditional sunny weather made for a great weekend. Maranee can now look forward to some much deserved summer cruising, including the annual Chris-Craft Rendezvous in July and several weeks in the San Juan and Gulf Islands in August. A weekend here and there is not out of the realm of possibility either!

June 5, 2005  Maranee hosts the Adams Family of Florida... No, we're not talking about Morticia and Gomez, but rather descendants of Maranee's second owner, Virgil Waite. Click on the photograph at left for more information about this wonderful visit from this charming family.


April, 2005  Maranee's interior projects are coming to a close with the installation of new carpeting. The carpet is an industrial grade, low-nap, wear-friendly (and not to mention handsome) improvement to what was on Maranee's floors since 1990.


January, 2005  Maranee's helm is reassembled with a freshly plated instrument bezel and a replacement water temperature gauge for the port engine. The original was replaced in the 1960s with a smaller, more modern temperature gauge and we took the opportunity while the helm was disassembled to seek one out. Thanks to eBay, we achieved our goal and then some. Check back in the coming months for the continuing saga of What's New!